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2020 has shaken things up in the art world. No more fairs, shows, group classes. Opportunities to connect are smaller and more distant. We are all experiencing the impacts. Throughout the pandemic, political turmoil, and now wildfire season to top it off, I have found a sense of purpose in the art classes I offer. Part of me still feels silly talking about my art when my family is doing well despite everything. But hearing the feedback from students on how special, helpful, therapeutic the classes are, tells me that I need to continue down this road and share the...

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It seems like we are all spending an above-average time online lately, so I wanted to share how my life is looking with shelter in place in effect. Read on to hear about my challenges, how I spend my time and the positives coming out of it for me! What has changed? Honestly, I am such a homebody that my day to day life is about the same. Most days I spend working from my home studio or home with my two-year-old daughter. The biggest shift is in my work life. I was just gearing up for a busy season...

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My favorite year-end activity is looking back on the year that passed. When you are in the day to day grind, you have small accomplishments every day. It is easy to forget about the larger mountains scaled. Taking a moment to reflect reveals that your hard work pays off, and you are chipping away at goals. It can also highlight shortcomings that become objectives for the new year. Here are some of my top accomplishments of 2019!

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I recently caught up with Local Santa Cruz to talk a bit about my art & inspiration. Check out the original article here, and read on for the Q&A!

Local Santa Cruz: Please share about your background and journey as an artist; what led you to painting?

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From acrylic painting to watercolor to paint pouring, this last year has been full of creative exploration. Stepping into parenthood has changed the way I approach my art practice. Read on to find out why.

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