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A trip to the art store can often leave you feeling overwhelmed by the number of options. Here are some of my recommendations to get you started with painting. As you practice and experiment with different supplies, you’ll develop your own personal preferences. Here are the tools that I love in my personal art & teaching, with a range in price points to find what works for you! I always recommend heading to your local art store for supplies, but I’ve also included links to shop online. Acrylic Paint Nova Color: excellent quality of color vibrancy and durability. I use...

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2020 has shaken things up in the art world. No more fairs, shows, group classes. Opportunities to connect are smaller and more distant. We are all experiencing the impacts. Throughout the pandemic, political turmoil, and now wildfire season to top it off, I have found a sense of purpose in the art classes I offer. Part of me still feels silly talking about my art when my family is doing well despite everything. But hearing the feedback from students on how special, helpful, therapeutic the classes are, tells me that I need to continue down this road and share the...

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