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Welcome to the world of the Pacific Sea Nettle Jellyfish, aka Chrysaora fuscescens. Graceful, flowing with the currents of the sea. Around the world, their habitats and subspecies vary. Locally in Monterey Bay, I love to witness (from a distance) their slow and calm presence. Often you will spot one drifting along on its own. Perhaps they are scattered every 20 feet or so. If the water is clear with sun rays beaming through you can see them in the depths. More rarely there may be a super bloom with hundreds of jellies together at once, brought in by powerful...

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When the Plastic Pickup asked me to create a mural that would go behind their massive golf ball wave project, I knew it was a perfect fit! Just a few years ago these 20,000 golfballs were sitting on the ocean floor, releasing plastic into the sea as their outer core degraded. Alex Weber of The Plastic Pickup led the golfball collection effort and went on to publish a scientific study demonstrating the release of toxic components. As a result, NOAA Marine Sanctuaries and Pebble Beach Golf Course designed a protocol to collect the 2-5 million more balls estimated to be along the coastline. The goal...

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Artists have long been advocates for change.  Environmental conservation in particular drives the work of many artists. The artist Thomas Moran, for example, contributed to the establishment of Yellowstone as the world’s first National Park by depicting its intact splendor in his paintings. When artists, conservationists, and leaders combine talents, beautiful things happen. Here are just a few ways that art is a vital tool for environmental conservation.

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