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I am making it a tradition each new year to go through the year before to reflect on highlights & accomplishments. I am a firm believer in the woo-woo law of attraction spiritual stuff: that the thoughts and attitude you put out into the world is what you receive more of. When we focus our attention on the positives rather than the negatives, we will find more of that in our lives. So here are my silver linings from the year that was, 2020. Virtual Connection I am not going to lie. I was SO nervous the first time I...

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Immediate thoughts when conjuring up an art piece to represent Seacliff Village were the pier, cement ship, and shark population. I worked around those initial ideas to develop the concept, designing a transition from on-land to underwater and including other marine life. For colors, I wanted the piece to be vibrant and eye-catching from a distance, so included warm sunset hues as well as blues & greens of the ocean.

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Welcome to the world of the Pacific Sea Nettle Jellyfish, aka Chrysaora fuscescens. Graceful, flowing with the currents of the sea. Around the world, their habitats and subspecies vary. Locally in Monterey Bay, I love to witness (from a distance) their slow and calm presence. Often you will spot one drifting along on its own. Perhaps they are scattered every 20 feet or so. If the water is clear with sun rays beaming through you can see them in the depths. More rarely there may be a super bloom with hundreds of jellies together at once, brought in by powerful...

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My favorite year-end activity is looking back on the year that passed. When you are in the day to day grind, you have small accomplishments every day. It is easy to forget about the larger mountains scaled. Taking a moment to reflect reveals that your hard work pays off, and you are chipping away at goals. It can also highlight shortcomings that become objectives for the new year. Here are some of my top accomplishments of 2019!

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I recently caught up with Local Santa Cruz to talk a bit about my art & inspiration. Check out the original article here, and read on for the Q&A!

Local Santa Cruz: Please share about your background and journey as an artist; what led you to painting?

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