50|50 Art Show 2023!

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50|50 Art Show 2023!

Water: dynamic, ever-changing, endlessly inspiring. Living near the sea in Santa Cruz, I follow the tides, the weather, and the seasons. As a passionate surfer for the past 13 years, I have an intimate appreciation for the variety of forms and patterns on the sea in constantly changing conditions. The difference between no wind and a ten mph breeze. Or an idyllic summer day contrasting with this past January's massive storms and swells. And how a wave might break when the tide is full on the shore or a perfectly surfable barrel.

watercolor wave paintings anastasiya bachmanova

This summer I was honored to participate in the Sanchez Art Center's annual 50|50 show, where 50+ artists create 50 small artworks in 50 days. My chosen theme was "Water + Waves" and my medium, watercolor paint.

watercolor surf art anastasiya bachmanova follow the sun

This 50-day project allowed me to "dive in" to explore the sea's ever-changing visuals from different perspectives and play with style. Most paintings were from my reference photos, taken out and about by the ocean. When I ran out, I adapted photos I stumbled over in books, magazines, and online with striking ocean imagery. Some are imagined compositions.

ocean watercolor anastasiya bachmanova follow the sun art aerial ocean painting follow the sun art bull kelp watercolor painting anastasiya bachmanova
ocean water painting anastasiya bachmanova california artist surf art california artist anastasiya bachmanova watercolor wave painting california artist

 I created the artwork using traditional watercolor techniques. In recent years, Watercolor has been my medium of choice for its simplicity and spontaneous properties, working with each pigment and how it interacts with the page and other colors—a collaboration of sorts. The art is mounted on panels and sealed with wax, ready for years of enjoyment!

Fun fact: I participated in this show once before, in 2014 (my first year officially in business as an artist!) It is amazing to look back on my evolution with this project.

The art show will be on display from September 8th through October 1st, 2023 at the Sanchez Art Center in Pacifica, CA. Any remaining paintings after show I will make available on my site!

sanchez art center 50|50 2023


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