Adapting to the New "Normal"

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Adapting to the New "Normal"

It seems like we are all spending an above-average time online lately, so I wanted to share how my life is looking with shelter in place in effect. Read on to hear about my challenges, how I spend my time and the positives coming out of it for me!

What has changed?

Honestly, I am such a homebody that my day to day life is about the same. Most days I spend working from my home studio or home with my two-year-old daughter. The biggest shift is in my work life. I was just gearing up for a busy season of events, markets, exhibitions, as well as running regular art classes. Everything I had scheduled has been canceled. It was a shock at first. My world is going to all of these events and connecting with amazing people!

follow the sun art California plein air painting

My biggest challenge is not having as much access to nature.

I was beginning to plan my spring adventures - camping among wildflowers, a week in Joshua Tree, backpacking with friends, even just surfing and hiking locally. These liberating activities are my biggest source of joy and fuel for my creations.

The adjustment had me feeling down, but I have been doing my best to enjoy the little things. Hearing birdsong in the morning, enjoying a backyard glass of wine in the warm afternoon sun, watching my daughter delight in puddle jumping after it rains. We take walks every day, bake, cook, play, and work. Social connection, despite physical distance, also does wonders for the spirit.

hammerhead shark watercolor painting

The Silver Linings

I am so touched by the community response to the situation. All of the inspiration coming out, bringing light to a dark time. People sharing their music, art, yoga & fitness, laughter. People are helping each other and taking this seriously.

The best thing is that with this compassion and action, we will overcome the pandemic, hopefully with minimal loss. I always try to stay positive, and I know so many people are suffering. They are consistently in my heart. What is happening around the world is beyond our control, but we can make a big impact in our local communities by being kind and following guidelines.

virtual painting classes shelter in place covid-19
These changes have also been pushing me to boldly try new things and get out of my comfort zone, like going live on social media - a big step for me as I have always been a shy person! My weekly virtual art classes are a highlight. The feedback on how much of a difference a creative practice makes in people's lives is so positive. It is therapeutic for me too, to have some human connection and an opportunity to give back.

I have finally been able to pack all of my painting knowledge into one class, and I am so excited to offer the first "Intro to Acrylic Painting" series at the end of April, hosted virtually of course. The class is perfect for beginner & intermediate painters.

online intro to acrylic painting art class shelter in place

If you have been wanting to learn how to paint (and have more time on your hands than usual) I invite you to check out the details on Eventbrite! Pricing is lower than I plan to charge in the future since we will be separated by computer screens, but the class will be packed with information and exercises to get you painting with confidence!

I look forward to bringing this class to life for in-person meetings once we are on the other side of COVID-19. For now, I hope you take advantage of the good deal & your open schedule!

I would love to know how you are doing. What are you struggling with? Have you found any silver linings? Let me know in a comment below!

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