Baby Leatherbacks Original Resin Painting

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This is an original resin painting created with tinted resin and acrylic paint layers. Baby leatherbacks heading out to sea.

Did you know that only about 1 in 1000 baby leatherback turtles survive to adulthood? What happens along the way is egg harvesting, fishing bycatch, boat collision, and ingesting plastic. Plastic bags floating in the ocean look strikingly like their favorite food: jellyfish! The leatherback population is considered vulnerable and is on the decline. This ancient species traces its evolutionary roots back over 100 million years. They were around when dinosaurs were!

- 10" x 10"
- Resin & acrylic paint
- Signed by the artist
- Wood panel with 3/4" depth
- Natural wood edges - no frame needed
- Ready to hang. No hardware required.

Please be aware that colors may vary on different computer monitors.
The copyright does not transfer with purchase, the artist retains all rights.
Any questions are welcome, send me a message!