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Are you ready to start making art you LOVE?


  • Do you LOVE making art but struggle with beginning & ending projects?
  • Is your inner critic constantly chattering “not good enough,” “I don’t know how to do this,” “This isn’t going to turn out right.”
  • Are you ready to discover your artistic voice, but don’t know where to start?
  • Are you looking for a proven system to make real progress with your artistic goals?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, you are an “Adventurous Artist” and I can help you achieve a creative practice you that brings you JOY.

Maybe you’ve struggled with seeing real progress and staying on track with your creative goals, or maybe you’ve tried learning various techniques, following along with instructors, starting a lot of projects… And nothing has quite worked for you, right?

There's some good news. You CAN start making art you LOVE withOUT a huge time commitment, natural “talent” or attending a fancy art school.

If you’re finally ready to STOP your frustration with expressing yourself and START making paintings you are proud to show to others,  join the movement of other Adventurous Artists and experience connection at a different level.

✅ Twice-monthly live Zoom Paint Nights.

✅ 40+ recorded classes so you can start your Creative Hour whenever you want.

✅ "The Basics" library of acrylic & watercolor painting techniques.

✅ Supportive community.

✅ Track your time spent on creative projects.

All you need to do is click the button below to commit to your creative practice.

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Adventurous Artist Mastermind

Registration now OPEN!

Join a mindful group of artists like you who are ready to reach their goals and overcome self-doubt. During twice-monthly sessions, you’ll get support and guidance with a communal effect that results in a happier, more fulfilling creative practice. 


✅ Twice-monthly Group Mastermind sessions

✅ BONUS: 6-week Kickstart Your Art Challenge

✅ BONUS: Painting Planning Handbook

✅ BONUS: Art Journal for sketching your ideas

✅ Supportive community for feedback & accountability

✅ Access to Paint Nights & recordings are included too!

Start your journey to an inspired creative practice for just $97!


If you’re sick of feeling afraid to paint your ideas and are ready to take back control...

I will not let you fail.

In the first six weeks, we’ll kick start your progress with my signature 6 Week Kickstart Your Art Challenge.

Once you’ve made that quick progress, you’ll leverage the close support, community, and app tutorials to create and maintain

👉 the right mindset

👉 the right habits 

👉 the right lifestyle

so you make consistent changes... and never go back to feeling stuck in your art practice.

Does that sound exciting to you? 😃

I only work with a small group of artists at a time for these focused Mastermind Sessions. Apply now and we'll discuss if it's a good fit for you!